Beyond Our Wildest Dreams


“…You will be transported back into time to the groovy 1970’s, when television variety shows commanded the networks and ruled the airways”!


Beyond Our Wildest Dreams propels the reader back to the glory days of The Rat Pack, dazzling Las Vegas in the 1970s, and the end of the television variety show era.

Two young sisters (Alberici Sisters) join Dean Martin’s fabulous Golddiggers, one of the grooviest girl groups of all time! Within the span of three decades, they performed with Las Vegas superstars like Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Jerry Vale, Donald O’Connor, Steve & Eydie, Jonathan Winters, Bob Hope, Petula Clark and so many more.

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams features personal stories and rare, unseen photos from the entertainers who lived it! What was it like to tour internationally, entertain on The Tonight Show and headline in Las Vegas during the glamorous glory days?


dean-roasts-bigTaping The Dean Martin Show, the last successful Rat Pack reunion with Dean and Frank, the untold story behind the Martin & Lewis reunion, the deadliest mob hit in American history, the Cotton Club Murder connection, the last gasp of the golden age of entertainment —brought to life in vivid detail by the people who were there.

Real stories about real people who happen to be Legends! Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction!

Neil T. Daniels former NBC Exec. & President of the Dean Martin Fan Center, had this to say about the book Beyond Our Wildest Dreams…

“There’s a brand-new book that traces those magical years and what life was like, performing with show business legends: Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Donald O’Connor, Louis Prima and similar legends. Not only does it focus it’s motif on Dean Martin, but it also captures the fun and spirit of the era with more than 300 rare and unseen photos in a wonderful pictorial layout. Historian Billy Ingram produced this 340 page book with a unique way of story-telling using quotes and dialogue as if a room full of contributors were all communicating on a party line.”


Program cover from our tour with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

Oh, the stories we tell in Beyond Our Wildest Dreams!

The Authors…


“The youngest generation of singers around today who performed with The Rat Pack”, the Alberici Sisters, Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg are presently doing TV, radio interviews, book signings and performances in “Showstoppers” to rave reviews! Their appearances are a musical tribute to the stars they had the pleasure to know and respect as the ultimate entertainers.

The Alberici Sisters are certified fitness instructors and currently teach and motive at corporate events and health & wellness centers. They also gratefully lend their time and talents to charitable non-profits. 

Produced by Billy Ingram

Book Review               

“This is a book about people… two people in particular, of course, named Maria and Linda Alberici, but also the many people who either worked with them or crossed their lives in the course of their show business journey. How fortunate they were to hone their craft as entertainers at a time when old Hollywood and old Vegas were still alive and vibrant, variety shows dominated television, and nightclub singing acts were just as spectacular, and yet a little more intimate. How fortunate we are that Maria and Linda have captured the fun and spirit of that era throughout the pages of this engaging book. Beyond Our Wildest Dreams provides a backstage pass at entertainment life in the 1970s, with great stories about Maria and Linda’s work with such legends as Louis Prima, Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Jerry Vale, Jonathan Winters, Sammy Davis Jr., Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Frank Sinatra and, of course, Dean Martin. Then again… to most of us, they’re legends. To the Alberici Sisters, they’re people. And that’s the way you’ll see them, too, by the time you finish their book.”

Ed Robertson – Entertainment Journalist & Host, TV CONFIDENTIAL


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