Grateful LIFE

“Practice gratitude often! GRATITUDE is the gateway to positive emotions.” – Linda Alberici Eichberg


I always feel good when I see this photo of myself, with two of my sisters, taken at a family reunion. It reminds me of so many things I am grateful for: love of family, the sunrise, the beach, health & music (My brothers & sisters sang together on the beach that morning).

Positive Life

Doctors and scientists have found that our brain grows best when it is positive, additionally, a positive mind leads to better health. Practicing gratitude is a simple way to achieve the good feelings we need to stay positive, healthy and happy. Reflecting on the people and things I am thankful for, always lifts my mood. I sometimes think, “If I would wake up tomorrow with only the things I am thankful for today, what would I have”? When I think that way, my whole day feels abundant and blessed.

Thinking positive brings out the best in a person but life can deliver some surprising blows. You may be reading this and your heart is broken or you are in a situation where life is very painful and you don’t feel you have much or anything to be grateful for. Maybe the resentment or hurt you are carrying is the burning fire that keeps you going. Eventually, habitual negative or un-spiritual thoughts and feelings will take their toll on your health and overall wellness and it can lead you into a downward spiral. Positive emotion and energy leads you into an upward spiral. A study on gratitude found that participants in the “Gratitude Condition” were happier and were inclined to do more exercise. Exercise continues the upward spiral because it also leads to better health and has many physical, mood enhancing and psychological benefits.*

“Good habits are as addictive as bad habits, and a lot more rewarding.” – Harvey Mackay

Rewarding Life

When I have moments of sadness or disappointment that distract me from the joy God wants me to have, I am thankful I can turn to my faith. My greatest source of gratitude is Jesus. He is my Helper, Friend, Lord, Savior and Healer. With him, all things are made new. Each day has hope and purpose. I can renew my mind and fill my heart through Christ’s un-surpassing love and power.

If you have hit rock bottom, Jesus is the rock at the bottom. The light of God’s love found in Jesus can conquer the darkness. He abundantly loves and values you. He paid the ultimate price to be with you for eternity. Eternal joy is yours for the asking, if you believe in your heart.

~ Many blessings, Linda Alberici Eichberg

“For God so love the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

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*Moments of sadness are a part of life but depression is different. It is more than a passing feeling and has tremendous staying power. If you are deeply depressed or you are having suicidal thoughts, please contact a mental health professional. 



8 thoughts on “Grateful LIFE

  1. I think that giving in any way possible to those those God has put in our lives allows us to keep our focus off deficits in our lives and turns our thoughts toward gratitude. I can think of several people who have blessed me in time of need that had greater burdens than I. Their selflessness inspired me with faith and courage and helped me to find meaning and gratitude in my present circumstances. Gratitude is a daily exercise that keeps my focus on track. With God we are not in this life alone!
    Thanks for the reminder Linda!

    • “Gratitude is a daily exercise that keeps my focus on track.” Thank you for these words, Alane. As a fitness instructor, I relay this message to my students because it will help them in their physical training as well as in life.
      You are one of those selfless people you mentioned who have inspired me. Love, Linda

  2. This was a great read, Linda. I love that “Jesus is the rock at the bottom”. So difficult to remember that when you hit the bottom you are feeling the palm of His hand. Thanks for this. It was very affirming.

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